Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Ubiquitous...

Drops A-Line Cardigan in Beaverslide Organic Wool

I haven't really been a big sweater knitter in the past. Usually when I start them, it either takes me a while to finish them or I never wear them

This one obviously doesn't belong to the first category, and I'm hoping it won't belong to the second.

The joy of making this cardigan was the yarn. It's Organic Wool in Natural Black from Beaverslide Dry Goods. It's so rustic, it felt like I was knitting right off the sheep. So slippery and oily, it smelled sweet and natural with farmy goodness. When I soaked it for blocking, it gave up so much of it's natural oils, the water looked like a dirty pond and the wool fluffed up pretty and soft. The color is Natural Black and really it's an earthy brownish gray which makes it perfect for this quarter of Project Spectrum.

I had to block the front and backs like crazy because the length just wasn't there. I had a run-out-of-yarn fear, so I didn't knit it any longer, I just relied on blocking and it pretty much worked. The back part can creep up a bit, but nothing an errant tug here and there can't fix. The yarn tightened up and fell right into line with a nice block.

I'll most likely wear the collar turned down. It's still a bit itchy, although I have a feeling that with wear it will soften up even more. I can't recommend this yarn enough.

The buttons are from an old version of Ubernatural that I never wore, so I just snipped them off and now they have a new home!

I have a few more photos up on Flickr, if you're interested.


I feel like I"m still getting my feet wet with this blog thing, and I need to get into a groove. I seem to think that I need to come up with some writable topic, knitting related or otherwise, when really I just envisioned this as being someplace I can write about my thoughts and experiences. Hopefully I can relax and be less restricted. I mean, I don't really feel like I have an audience, but part of me writes in a way that others will be reading, so I censor myself and edit what I would normally say. Like just now I just deleted a paragraph I wrote about kitten season at the Humane Society and how most people think of kittens as cute and exciting, but I see them as overabundant (too many of them for the limited amount of adopters), easy to make sick (runny kitten eyes, sneezy kitten noses), as having bad timing (everyone wants kittens in the wintertime, when there are none) and I erased it because it seemed too negative or depressing. So I'm glad I retyped it. It's loosening my blog boundaries... And really anyway, no one's reading.

If you are though, thanks.


a friend to knit with said...

ha. i read. and it sounds fantastic.
your sweater looks fantastic too.
beautiful job.
as far as your blog goes. just remember. it is YOURS.
write what you like. :)

cosymakes said...

i'm reading :)
and your sweater looks GREAT! i love that pattern.