Friday, June 27, 2008

Cicely, PA

So some good news... the two pups I had in my sidebar for a while, Charley and Gabriel, both found good homes. They were two of the best dogs I've had the pleasure of meeting, and their adoptions are bittersweet. I guess one of the really great parts about my job is getting the opportunity to get to know some really awesome animals. I get to be a part of their lives for at least a little while, and that's pretty great. So now that spot belongs to Chip, the most tolerant and affectionate cat I think I've ever met. Check him out.

In knitting news, I've been doing a lot of it. I have more WIPs than I've had in a while. I finished this sock the other day:

It's a Diagonal Rib sock by Ann Budd in Shibui Sock Yarn colorway Peacock. I acquired a bunch of new yarn from Webs as a sort of birthday gift to myself and this is the first one I've used. It was really nice to work with, although it did turn my needles a little green. In addition I've acquired:

Ready to start some more socks... I've also started some plain stockinette socks in Noro Silk Garden Lite, a surprise cowl, and a Shetland Triangle in Malabrigo Lace Weight. Busy little beaver over here.

So, what is allowing for all this knitting, you ask?

Yep. That's Marilyn and Maggie knitknitknittin away at a wrestling match between Holling Vincoeur and Officer Semanski. And that's me watchwatchwatchin a whole heck of a lot the past few days. My Jeffrey got me the entire Northern Exposure Series in a spiffy Sherpa satchel for my birthday and I've been enjoying the hell out of it. If you've ever been a fan, I suggest revisiting it.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

First in line...

So I've knit my first pair of socks. Hurrah! And I'm kind of feeling like this is the first of many. After finishing this pair, I have now acquired about 5 more skeins of sock yarn and I can't wait to make them into little post-modern wonders. It's a funny feeling, knitting socks. It was so necessary once and now it's a luxury.

The pattern is Froot Loops from Knitty and it was really fun and simple to knit. Usually I don't really knit in public as I am generally knitting something like a lace shawl or a complicated pattern that requires more concentration or a pattern to lug around with me, but these socks with just a four row repeat, made their way into parties, movies, and meetings. It was a lovely thing to knit that way, as I got more accomplished and it started conversations about knitting and my interest in it.

The yarn is really beautiful and squishy and in a colorway I wouldn't normally choose. It is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Potluck in Earth and I really recommend it.


This week at work has been trying and also great. Since Saturday we've had about 40 adoptions, which is amazing and really necessary. It's funny how certain factors really effect the adoption of animals, like children getting out of school for the summer, and conversely, the slow and downtrodden economy forcing people to give up their animals.

There were a few quality adoptions, but my favorite of the week was Goodwin. Well, Goodwin's name was initially Taco and his owner was the sweetest little old man. At the shelter, just like anywhere else I've ever worked, we have our fair share of regulars. Mr. Goodwin would come in and tell the story of his old Chihuahua that he loved so well, and how she passed away in his arms. He would always come sit behind the front desk and write a check for a small donation. He would brighten my day, as I'm sure we did his. This past summer, Mr. Goodwin adopted a dog. A fiesty little Min-Pin named Taco and it was a great fit. He gave Mr. Goodwin something to take care of and Mr. Goodwin gave Taco a loving home. About a month ago, Mr. Goodwin fell ill and we had to go pick up Taco and bring him to the shelter. He was in the hospital for about 4 days and when he got out, he came up and reclaimed Taco and took him home. Then about a week ago, he called again, saying that he felt it was necessary to move into a nursing home and he couldn't take Taco with him. We assured him we would do everything in our power to help Taco find a good home. In Mr. Goodwin's honor, we put Taco up for adoption under his new name Goodwin. Goodwin was at the shelter all this past week and I took it upon myself to make sure he was cozy and happy. No adopter expressed interest in Goodwin throughout the week and I was making plans to take him home over the weekend so he wouldn't be lonely, but late Friday, a sweet lady, her husband, and their quiet little MinPin, Andre, came up to meet Goodwin and it was a match made in heaven. What a nice way to end my week!

Congratulations Goodwin!!